Sunday, September 28, 2008

I should have done this a month ago...

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of Aida. Enjoy. I had a great time. Cristian's set looked great, and he got favorable mentions in the reviews we saw.

Prologue --->

My Boy Toy and me in the "My Strongest Suit" scene. (That's Joel. He actually wanted to be wearing a boe tie, but our director nixed it).

This is the end of Strongest Suit, after a super-fast quick change. Nice bootie shorts. Really sweaty, hot vinyl. Awesome.

After another, even faster, quick change, this next picture is the banquet with Brandon Albright, who played Radames. Sweating bullets by now.
This is Ty Lewis and I. She played Aida. She and Brandon were both awesome, and we loved working together. Then there is the bedroom scene, where I am a little excited about being married to Radames.

A little more excited than he is, apparently.

Here we go, singin about lovin' the same man.

Classic Love Triangle, with really sweet clothes to boot. Then we have my "I just realized my life sucks" song, called "I Know the Truth." Complete with an on-stage costume change. Don't worry, it was very modest and tasteful.

And, eventually, we come full circle. And yes, Brandon's abs are painted on. The power of make up. And no, those are not my real bosoms, shall we say. They were greatly enhanced. My director wanted Amneris to be endowed like his wife is. Seriously. Good thing it worked for the character.

This is Ty and I and Leigh, our amazing, prego, Aussie, kick-butt dresser. She kept us both sane and dressed appropriately.

Post-show hair. This is why I wore hats after the show. Rockin.

And lastly, the cast photo with Cristian's great set. That is me in the center, in maybe the most uncomfortable position I have ever had to hold. Painful.
One of the reasons I love theater is that I can be, can create, someone totally different from myself. I usually play characters that require me to do some heavy physical alteration, like wigs, stylized makeup, etc. That is really fun for me. I loved playing Amneris and exploring someone new. The costumes were great and helped me to physically be someone I am not in real life. This may not make sense to anyone, but it does to me, and it is what I love.