Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Just a little catch up, Christmas was great, Cristian got me an MP3 player so I can actually stop exercising in public with a cd player hanging from my waist. I'm a little behind, alright? I got him a really nice camping sleeping pad, which he was excited about. Nothing really to top the XBox 360 of last year, but that is ok. We relaxed at home in the morning, then went to my cousin Emily's house and relaxed some more, watching Ironman for the 2 time that day. (Santa brought it for Cristian. He was a good boy this year.) So fun. Loved it. As evidenced by the below image of C and Wyatt.

2009 is looking like a big year for us. Cristian graduates with his MFA, and (hopefully) he will be getting some great job somewhere, which will also mean a move, most likely across the country, based on the openings we have found. I feel like we are about to start life for real. No more school. It is very exciting and a little scary. But we are looking forward to starting the next chapter or our life. Cross your fingers for us.

Happy New Year Everybody!