Saturday, July 25, 2009

So Far, So Good

Well, we have left Las Vegas. We took off on Thursday afternoon and arrived yesterday evening for a pit stop in Dallas, TX. We are half way to our destination of Clinton, South Carolina and thought we would stop to visit family here. I have a picture of Cristian and I in front of our house right before we left, but I will post that another time.

This week was crazy. We arrived home last week from a vacation in Utah just in time for Cristian to get the stomach flu. We lost a very valuable day to sickness. Poor guy. Then, the weekend was just really busy with packing, last minute home projects, and final social engagements with friends and family. ( I know, I make us sound so popular). Monday brought drama for Cristian's truck, so it was taken into one shop in the morning, then another in the afternoon, just to have that service delayed (long story) so we ended up taking the truck back and forth to the dealer every day this week, and FINALLY getting to pick it up, job completed, on Thursday, hours before we left. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Mix all of that up with more crazy packing and an all-night adventure (literally) loading everything into our PODS container on Tuesday night so it could be picked up Sunday. 30 min. of sleep in 40 hours? Best feeling in the world.

It was an odd feeling to have the POD picked up. There was no going back. The move was very real. Cristian felt it too. Like our life is now on a path that we can't control.

I am going to miss my house. I loved my house. It was our first, certainly not our last, but we had made it our own.

I am so grateful to our friends that helped pack and load and clean. They are wonderful, and I can't say enough.

I am going to miss my friends. If I could take all my friends where ever I went, I would love it. Unfortunately, I was not able to convince anyone to move with us. But I have good friends, and am really sad to leave them. We will just have to rely on Facebook, I guess.

I am also really going to miss the family we have here. They have taken us in as their own and we felt welcome, always. We love the Pooler clan, and can't wait to see them in the future. I miss you guys already!

It was a long, hard, crazy, stressful, bittersweet week. The end of our time in Las Vegas also marked a new beginning for Cristian and I. And I am excited for that.