Friday, March 28, 2008

jet-setting couple?

Well, today I am off to LA for a Teacher's Conference for the vocal organization I am a part of. I will learn all about ways to improve my teaching, which I am very much looking forward to. I really won't know anyone, so most likely I will be playing it stag all weekend, but I am ok with that. I tried to get Cristian to come with me since he would get to see some good friends while I am in classes, and it would be fun to have him along in general. He is my husband, after all; I like to hang out with him on occasion. But he has too much going on at school and just can't get away. Such is the life of a graduate student in the Theater Arts. Always weekend work.

But I realized this morning that most of the time when we are out of town, it is either one or the other of us. We very rarely get to go somewhere together, usually because one of us is tied up at home, or we are not invited. By that I mean, for example, Cristian's 2 week internship he just completed in Denver. We probably go somewhere together twice, maybe three times a year, out of all the other times when one of us is gone. That happens to be a lot, between the two of us. Just this last month, C went to Denver for 2 weeks, was home for a week, then Houston for a week, now he is home, and I leave today for the weekend. That is a lot in one month, even for us. But this summer he will spend 2 months in Oklahoma working at a theater there. Obviously, I can't go with him since I have a job here and other responsibilities. I will go visit him a few times, and other than that, I have a few other trips planned on my own while he is gone. I figure, if he is gone anyway, I might as well make the best of it and enjoy myself.

Does this solo-traveling seem weird? We never think about it I guess because if we could we would go together, but we just do what we have to do. We are both pretty independent people, and by now we are used to it, so it's not a problem, just interesting.
Don't get me wrong. I miss him when we are apart, absolutely. The really important times, like weddings and family reunions, we go together, no question.
It just hit me today how busy we both are. I am totally rambling now, so I guess I am done.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh where, oh where...

Has our camera cable gone? You know the cable that hooks up your camera to the computer so you can download pictures? We can't find it. Poor Cristian had to go to a meeting last night about being a set designer for a show, and he had no pictures to show his work. How embarrassing. I felt really bad about it, and I looked and looked last night, but it was no where to be found. That also means I can't post any pictures for a while until we find it or buy a new one. Boo. I was going to do some back tracking and post about our anniversary in January. It was really fun, but I have nothing to show for it.
I hate losing stuff. It drives my crazy. Back in our first apartment, our favorite cookie sheet disappeared, and even amidst moving multiple times, it has never been found. I don't get it. I especially hate the stuff like that. How does one lose a cookie sheet? Ok, I want to know the most random item that has ever been lost to you. Don't be shy. This is a time for sharing.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's true...

I am super lazy. I do not blog nearly as much as I should, thank you, Beth. I need to start calling you my Blog-Conscience. I guess I never feel like I have that much to say, unless something big happens. But here goes.
Cristian just got home yesterday from a 2-week internship in Denver. Now, he goes out of town for various reasons a few times a year, therefore, leaving me home alone. I actually do just fine with this. I have always been good with entertaining myself, and "alone time," so as much as I miss him, I always use those days/weeks to watch movies I know he won't watch with me, and read good books.
The only thing I am not so good at is going to bed by myself. I am more or less ok, but I am really good at freaking myself out when I am in bed at night, and so at least one night when he is gone, I give myself a good scare. Before I go to bed, no problem. But as soon as I am at bedtime, I can go a little crazy. First, I lock myself in my room, when we never even close our bedroom door at night when we are both here. Then, as I read my scriptures, or whatever, you bet I am always listening for sounds, foot steps in the hall, etc. We even have an alarm system which pretty much guarantees that there is no one in the house but me, but I still do it anyway.
The first time he left town after we got married, one night I was so freaked out I took our butcher knife and stuck it underneath our bed. True story.
But, probably the best was just 2 weeks ago, right after he left, his parents were still in town with me and we watched this ghost show called "the Paranormal State" on A&E. I totally believe in ghosts and spirits, and after the second episode, I was sufficiently frightened of bad, angry spirits. Long story short, I not only locked myself in my bedroom, but I slept with my bathroom light on. I was very grateful that I was not alone in the house that night. Seriously, I am a 10 year-old sometimes. I need a night light.