Sunday, June 29, 2008

My long lost husband

So, Cristian has been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma since early May working at a Theater. It was a great opportunity for him to get some experience in his chosen field of Tech. Direction, so we were excited about it. Two months apart, not the most fun I could think of, but no problem. I have actually always been good with alone time, as I believe I have said in an earlier entry, and I am working on a show at night, so I am pretty busy and time goes quickly. I have also gone out to see him twice, complete with sleeping in two twin beds pushed together in his dorm room on the University of Tulsa campus. Thankfully the people in charge were wise enough to give him his own room. We had a great time, truly.

But, ok seriously? It's getting really old to live by myself. I want my husband back. Cristian comes home in about 2 1/2 weeks, and I can barely stand it. I am ready for the other half of my bed to not go completely undisturbed at night, and I am ready to buy a full gallon of milk again, not just a half gallon. I am ready to see the truck outside in our driveway. I am ready to do more than one batch of laundry. More than anything, I am ready for my husband to crush me with his backside as he slides into me to say prayers at night. I am ready to not have to just talk to him on the phone every day.

I was told today by a good friend of mine that a sweet older lady in our ward (who I adore, by the way) asked her if I was married. And if so, whether my husband was a member of the Church, since she never sees him. Yikes. Fortunately, most people in our ward are wonderful and always ask about Cristian, how he is doing, how I am doing without him, and when he gets back. That has meant so much to me that people care about him.

I am so glad Cristian has had this job, I think he has learned a lot, and it has been a good thing for him, and for us. So I feel this has been worth the separation. I just really miss my man and am ready for him to come home.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why, Hair, Why?

So, my cousin Emily is in hair school. She is really talented and has been coloring my hair for a while and last week she cut it as well for the first time. I tried something a little different and told her to just do whatever she wanted. I trust her completely. She gave me some bangs and a few new aspects to my hair, and it was really cute. The next few days i enjoyed my new hair style and got many compliments on my look. Then came the dilemma that has plagued me my whole life. I had to wash my hair sometime, right?

The problem is I have a disability called Hair-Retardation. It ranges from mildly inconvenient to debilitating. I cannot, for the life of me, replicate what Emily did to my hair to make it so sleek and shiny and sassy. It has been a hard week, complete with a last minute trip to Wal-Mart for some head bands to try and salvage the mess I made. I wish I had some pictures to show, but I also kind of don't want this documented. Am I forever banned from the freedom of certain hairstyles by my disability? Can I get a handicapped parking sticker for this?