Sunday, October 12, 2008

Still playing catch up

I think most of you know I am not a very timely blogger. So, since there are things I still want to share, I have to turn back time a little. The first, and most important, was Cristian birthday last month. He turned the big 3-4! We didn't do a whole lot that first day because he is in school and busy, but we sure did roast some smores on the fire pit I gave him. It was great. That weekend we celebrated with my cousins and my Uncle Tom. (Aunt Ruth was otherwise engaged, and we missed her.) Here are some pictures:
I lit up that cake like the Fourth of July, there were so many! Hee hee. It was pretty funny. My cousin Emily

and I were laughing pretty hard as we lit them.

So, Brooke and Emily started this tradition of the Awesome Birthday Sombrero. Luckily I have a husband who is an awesome sport. It is pretty sweet. Cristian, Happy Birthday, I love you!

So, aside from the birthday, we have planted a garden. Note to Self- never plant pumpkin plants and zucchini plants in small spaces. I am waiting for the Giant to come down from the beanstalk. Only the patch under the window is the actual soil. The rest is our patio. And yes, it the pumpkin grew through the legs of the white chair, so it is there to stay until the garden dies, which it may, since i am not a green thumb. However, we got some nice zucchinis.