Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things that make me happy.

These are just some pictures from the last year of my life that I love, in no particular order.

The alley next to my apartment in Clinton. Pretty cool, huh? My photographer friends, eat your heart out. A great location. Never saw anyone using it that way except me and my sis-in-law Becca, however.

Below is the Harmony House, in said alley. Come commune with God and a cup of coffee! Works for me...? I love the South.
My niece Ainsley at McDonalds. And yes, that is her bib on her head. Not some cute head scarf.

My girl Steph. It has now been 10 years since we met, the two youngest company members in Les Miz. She was 19 and playing Cosette, I was 21 and an Eponine cover. She is still one of my dearest, most loyal friends. I adore her, and it was SO good to see her in March.

Sibs. The two oldest, Gary and Carolynn, and the two youngest, Dave and me. Not a combination that happens often, but so fun. Sibs make me very happy.

Some artsy pics Dave and I took on our cross-country drive. This was all on the side of the road in some random town in New Mexico. We loved it.
Even the garbage trucks are fancy in Vail. The phrase at the bottom of the truck says, "Satisfaction guaranteed or your trash back!"

Lincoln's fifth birthday made me happy. And I think the crown that covered half of his head made him happy. It sure did me.

My girls at the Eclipse premiere make me happy. Jenkins, Dean, Tater, Meeks, Boyd, Roch, and Emily.

My cousins Kelly and Andrea at Bryce Canyon. Just ignore the weird angle of my body.
A square dancing tour group busting into a spontaneous square dance whilst singing "Singin' in the Rain" after a storm at Bryce. So precious.

Bryce Canyon again, as a really cool thunder storm came in. Summer storms make me happy.

Also, my cute cousins Jay, Brad and Danny doing something super random but really funny at the family reunion talent show makes me happy.

Old cemeteries in Charleston make me happy. (More on my fabulous vacation in my next post.)

Random servicemen who have the courage to ask to take a picture with us at Patriot's Point in Charleston make me VERY happy. I feel bad, I didn't even get his name, but I am grateful for his service to our country!

Doing Girls' Night with Grandma and Megan and Rachel. While the video rewinds, (yes, rewinds), Grandma plays the piano while they dance in their princess dresses with their painted nails and make up. I don't think they are fighting....

And, lastly, Dairy Queen makes me happy.


Carolynn said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Becca said...

Um. This post makes me happy. I'd forgotten that picture of Ainsley. Bwahahaha. What a spaz. (I can say that. She's mine. ;))

Nellie said...

You make me happy :) In fact, you make me so happy sometimes I puke in restaurants.

dave said...

Driving across the country with you made me happy. Did you hear I get to go to Dallas...again! I'm going there for work in September.

Melissa said...

This post makes me happy too. Fun to see all these pics, Nicole. I'm happy you don't have one of Nellie being sick in a restaurant. Love you tons.

ps. Dave...we're happy you're coming in Sept. Nicole, you wanna come too?

Teresa said...

These are fabulous!! Thanks for helping with 'girls night'. The girls LOVED it. Made me happy to see the pictures.:}
Sad to have missed the Ranch reunion...but, pictures help.
And, glad to be reminded of SC...the random serviceman picture is great.